Started my first day back to work yesterday, and everyone kept asking me what I did over the Christmas break, and the MOST eventful thing I did was watch seven seasons of Doctor Who. Now if you ask me, that was time very well wasted. I’ve come to love it. And the Doctor 😉 .

I watched from season 1 that starts off with the ninth doctor, and I’m all the way to the 11th Doctor. My favorite by far has to be David Tennant; the 10th Doctor. Now I’m sure that none of you want to hear all of that wibbley wobbley timey wimey stuff.

BACK to reality, I started off the day with finishing up a blog post yesterday morning.. or afternoon. And then I was asked to help with putting stuff in envelopes, now this doesn’t sound very interesting.. to you, but I was pretty excited to start of my first day of work since holiday to help out in any way I can. So I was glad to oblige.

I got some Misty Mints, and I can’t stop eating them, there goes eating healthy out the window. >.>

Me and Sally had one of our infamous talks in the office where we completely stop what we’re doing and focus on the conversation.

It’s really nice to be getting back to work. Back into a routine, were I walk to and from work, I get out of the house, and breath some fresh air.

I was talking to Sally about what I might want to do once my term here is over, and I actually thought of a few things I wanted to do but I completely forgot about.

Believe it or not I actually wanted to be a security guard…Well I still want to be, but I don’t know how I would be able to.

Also one of my best friends recently got into blogging. So I shall…

I shalll…..that’s a weird word isn’t it? SHHHHH AAAAALLLLLLLLLL…

*What’s weird is that it sounds like I’m having some weird episode with myself.

Anyway, I’m going to give a shout to them and maybe you shall go check it out, they’re really awesome :3.

>>>The Heart of Pandora <<<

-TheGinchu. :3


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