Daily Prompt: Simply the Best.

I don’t have a certain time and place to do my BEST thinking. I’m thinking about any and everything every time and day of the week. But I guess if I really had to pick the best time, is when it’s either right before I’m about to go to sleep or pretty much any time I’m alone and have nothing to do, which is pretty much the same thing.

I plug in my headphones, put the ear buds in my ears;drown out anything around me. Closing my eyes for a proper effect, I imagine new worlds being created with the power of my mind, I explore and reach new heights, imagining what it would be like to be there. In my head, I can show off, I can fall in love, I feel intense sadness; or happiness, I could drown, fall, fly. I can feel the most anguishing rage, with my eyes blazing red with pain, and anger over a fallen comrade, family member, loved one, etc. I could be strong, weak. And angel, or  devil, or something in between.

The best part of doing this, is when I find the right song to my mood and thought process, and I could lay there for hours thinking up an infinite amount of stories. Some I can never remember, but others I tweak and tweak until I get it the way I want it.

What I would really like is to actually become the story, be in it; in a sense. Be the character I imagine myself to be.

For instance, I listened to Lacuna Coil this whole time, and well, like I said… INFINITE POSSIBILITIES!

-The Ginchu. :3

Daily Prompt: Simply the Best.


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