Wish for a family Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

So, I am on holiday, which I kind of find a little ridiculous but nonetheless. I’ve been figuring stuff out, basically what I want to do after Sport Nova Scotia, and I’ve been running mostly a blank. BUT, ideas of all kinds have been storing themselves into my head about anything and everything having to do with everything except figuring out what my next move is. (Oh by the way, I’m pulling an all-night, because sleep is dumb you know.)

Lovely, huh?

I’m sitting here listening to Black Veil Brides’ Knives and Pens, pretty much enjoying a little bit of solitude with Sheba. Trying to put thoughts to page, or as a longer process, thoughts to fingers, fingers to type, type onto page. Or at least something like that.

My Christmas was pretty good, although it lacked a lot…what’s the word… Family. Yes, my sister lives above me in the same apartment building, we exchanged gifts at midnight. Which for us was the norm, except we weren’t at “home” any more. When you start living on your own, you realize over time how much those annoying family get-together s and crazy excitements over presents are becoming more of memory. I worry a lot of the time if we can ever have something remotely similar. But I know that’s not possible, but knowing you can make your own makes it a lot better; at least for some people. Me I know it can’t ever happen again and for all I know that’s is probably a good thing, but at least the memory of it will put a good thought in my head about making a better Christmas, or New Year the next time around.

My sister and I got matching tattoos finally, something that represents us and making us rebel loudly; although that is nothing new for us. And while we both have our own separate personalities, we go together like peanut butter and toast. Bad reference, but surely will be in good taste nonetheless.


When together, we drive our grandmother insane but with laughter and witty banter. (Dear god, that sentence reminds me of a picture I saw awhile ago. Jesus.) And make people turn there heads while we talk like we’re from an insane asylum.

We call it the Swanson experience. As there is no other like it.

But enough of that, I shall post a ‘Swanson’ experience in time, although not this day.

This post is to put together the things about the holidays and family times out there. I do hope that someday I can have my whole family together one day for Christmas. It may be a far off dream but I want it nonetheless, I will keep trying.

Hope you all had a great holiday time with friends and family. (I’m listening to Devils Night now, this post sounds so hardcore right now. xD)


-The Ginchu. :3


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