When The Sun Sets



I was walking down and old road, hearing the crunch of leaves made me remember that fall was finally here. Looking around me I saw the signature fall colors of red, brown, and orange rustling in the breeze.

Shaking slightly I pulled my sweater more tightly around me, not like it would have made a difference, but the motion made me believe it worked. Turning to my sister, she seemed to be in a daze; much like I was feeling at the moment, but it was always slightly different when fall came around.

I noticed that the third pair of footfalls had stopped, I turned around noticing my best friend had long since stopped.

Turning around completely, I looked up at the setting sun. It was if the sky was in a blaze, yet everything seemed to be at peace at the same time. Time seemed to stop completely and I thought for a split second that the world had stopped for me to completely memorize this moment in time. With all the chaos that my friends and I have been going through; just staring at that sunset, seemed to make every problem in the world solvable.

I looked down the road slightly to where my best friend stood, and had the feeling she knows it too.

“Hey, you coming?” I called out to her. She turned and glanced at me and my sister. Looking beside me, it looked as if she was coming out of the daze.

“Yeah, I’m coming.”  she called back, making her way back up to us. I turned to look at the young one beside me again and without even saying it out-loud; we knew we would never forget this night.

As our third person caught up to us, we continued on in peaceful silence; besides the crunching sound of gravel and leaves, which left its mark in our minds and heart of this time.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Multimedia Storytelling


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