Before you tell yourself it’s just a different scene, remember it’s just different from what you’ve seen.

Trying to publish more and more. Quick as I can anyway. Reason being is because I was training with Sport Nova Scotia last week.

And because I missed my last post, so I had to hurry through that, even though I didn’t really have too. But it’s there. Anyway, the first 2 days of mid-training was about Mental Health First Aid for Youth. Now, this is kind of a touchy subject for me here, only because there is a member of my family that  has Schizoaffective Disorder, which in somewhat shorter terms means Bipolar Schizophrenia.

It’s manageable, you can live with it. But that doesn’t mean bad stuff didn’t happen because of it.

Things are better now, or as better as it can get.

I learned a lot from that workshop, even with me living with someone with a mental illness. But then again, some people don’t bother to see if someone has a mental illness, let alone realize that a person has one.

Why is there such a stigma around people with mental illness?

Is it simply because the way of people thinking, or that they don’t know enough about the subject to know how to deal with someone with mental illness, and by deal I mean if they have an episode, they are suicidal or depressed, etc.

Cause if that’s the case then they definitely should find workshops or things online about mental illness, because in some cases, they’re hurting people more than they are helping them.


“I’m really depressed, I feel as if the world doesn’t need me anymore… Maybe I should just kill myself, and the world will be rid of me for good.”

“Are you serious? Just cheer up man, its not that hard. Your just not happy.”

Now, I hope that message was clear, and that people are looking at that example, and saying “Are you effing kidding me? You think it’s just that easy to come out of depression? Oh my fluck. It’s magic I guess!” Or at least have you thinking in a similar manner.

Congratulations you are one of the few people out there who actually try to understand what mental illness is, and what it can do to people.

I shouldn’t say few, because the knowledge of mental illness is growing. Just wish that there was more; I wish that it wasn’t an issue.

Having lived with a person with a mental illness, I know what its like, in a way. It’s not fun, it can be very scary, but you can still care and love that person. I know that the person I am talking about loves me, and they are very proud of me and my accomplishments; and I theirs.

People with mental illness are just that; people. Just living, breathing people who have an illness, and they have to live with it, or take medication daily for it just like any other.

They may seem different, but in a way they’re not. Some of them live the way they do knowing that they have a mental illness, and they know what that implies. But they just keep moving, living their lives the way they can.

And if you haven’t already, I ask you to go to a Mental Health First Aid course. You will  be glad you did, and leave knowing more and just knowing about it, is a huge impact.

Continuing on with telling you about my week. The third day of training, we were working on our resumes, and learning about different ways to look for a job. Which for those of you that don’t know, I am in a work placement for 6 months, and at the end of it, there is no guarantee that I will have a new job after. But besides that, things are going well.

This week, I was helping Michelle with a survey they are going to send around to people about the Recreation facilities, and she had me, I am going to say “decorate” because that’s what it was in a way. I was decorating boxes for the food bank. Because it is that time of year when the food banks will need it, because of all the people that need food for the Christmas Holiday.

And today, well my cat, or my fiances cat had a premature kitten. Let’s just say I didn’t have a great morning. I was already going to busy as hell the rest of the week. I still have the last day of Child Care Orientation to do. But waking up, having to search corners and furniture for a possible dead kitten is not a way I want to start my day.

It was still breathing, only just.

Cleo only did half the work she would normally have to do for the kitten, until she realized that it was not going to make it.

I’m not naive, cats/kittens/puppies/dogs, people die.

BUT that doesn’t mean I have to like, and that doesn’t mean I have to put on a brave face every time either. Because it hurts to be strong especially when you don’t want to be.

Just isn’t my day.


I hope that all of yours will be a great day, I will try to salvage mine.

-The Ginchu. 3:



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