people or things? what matters more?

Hey everyone,

Guuuhh, it’s Tuesday and I’m extremely sleepy right now. Yesterday was Remembrance day, was it not? I did not do anything special yesterday, except for giving thanks to those who lost there lives so we can have all that we have now.

I haven’t celebrated Remembrance Day in quite some time; and by celebrate, I mean go to the parades and such. But I realize I don’t need to go to a parade to tell me to remember the people that lost everything to have us all standing here today, and the freedom we were granted.

Although even though we have freedom, I can assure you there is people out there who take that for granted. I’m not naming any names, but I wish that were different. Because we are all incredibly lucky to be here, and have all these options in front of us, to have iPhones, iPads, cellphones, MP3’s, T.V’s, movies, toys, even our houses. And yet there is SOME people; not all, are out there taking everything we have for granted.

There’s not much I can say to change all this, and that wasn’t my direct point anyway, it’s just sort of there. We all know about it, but none of us really do anything about it.

I find the older I get, the more things I notice. That sounds cliche I know, but hear me out.

When I was little, I would notice things a lot more than what my parents thought I did; and the only reason I even noticed these things is because I was quiet 98% of the time. And while I kept my mouth shut, I quickly figured out that the more I was quiet, the more I heard and ergo the more I noticed about things.

Now you may be thinking, why are you telling me this. This happens to everyone.

Now think about that some more, for a second. I’ll wait…

Right? I would really say it all depends on the person. For me, the brat that I was; I had to grow up to fast. If I’m honest, and I’ll really try to be honest.. Is that it seems to be effecting me now; my childhood that is. I find that I do act like a child more than I care to admit at this age.

But at the same time, I notice how different it is now a days, then it was when I was a kid. Like I said earlier, people take things for granted. Their parents, their children, their pets, their privileges? When I was younger, when I got something, I said thank you; and I really meant it. And I looked after it. Because chances were I wouldn’t be able to get another.

Now, if it was today’s ‘youth’. I see that they get all these expensive electronics, and they’re always expecting more. Holy crap, I was lucky to get new clothes at any store brand. But I almost always got something from Louies or Frenchies clothing stores. (Which if you don’t know, is second hand stores). And you know what, I don’t mind buying clothes from there, because what people throw away will amaze you, if you ever buy from  a secondhand store. So while some people are paying hundreds of dollars for maybe 2 pieces of clothing. I’ll spend a 100 dollars for about 20+ pieces of clothing, including shoes, blankets, etc.

In the end, I find I’m getting the better deal.

But compared to me and kids today now. They wouldn’t want secondhand clothes, they’re not this or that. And me? I would love it, because I know where to find the best clothes.

I guess it just makes me sad in a way. People find that objects are better for conversation then being face to face with and actual person.

I would love to know why? When and if I have kids, I want to raise them in a way were they will cherish people and not objects. If you get my meaning.


-The Ginchu. :3


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