Osteoarthritis. Standing on my own.

Holy heck, I haven’t updated my blog in what seems like forever. I apologize to those who actually read this blog.

Seems that I have had a lot on my mind lately. First of I found out that I have osteoarthritis in both of my knees.  I know, weird right? 20 years old and I have arthritis in my knees. wat.

As you may notice that I find this absolutely ridiculous.  Arthritis. Osteoarthritis.

As I said in my last blog or so, I said there could be a possibility that I have arthritis. Well, I was right! Hahaaa, it’s kind of depressing. And yes, I do have to lose weight. But here’s an awesome bonus that I was not expecting; if I get a punch card for 10 sessions of Zumba, and then go to to all 10 sessions I get a day off work!

Now, that’s pretty awesome. Thank you Rae!

Now the reason why that’s completely fair and all; I actually like Zumba. Even though I only did it once. *gasp.

Should be fun is hell, is all I’m saying.

Alrighty then. The last couple of weeks have been kind blurred together, because along with this job I have with Active Pictou County, I also have another job with the House of Children daycare in Abercrombie. With that said, I’ve been pretty busy with the Child Care Orientation that my boss is currently paying for so I can… what’s the word for what I’m trying to say here. “Legal” “Necessity” “Something”

Gah, I have no sweet clue, all I know is that I have to have it to work at a daycare. It’s basically telling you how to look after kids, and how to help them, teach them, etc.

Best part about it is that my best friend is also going to the same classes. So at least I’m not lonely. 🙂 Along with this training, I also have midterm training with Sport Nova Scotia. I’m actually super stoked for it. Yay, new stuff to learn ! 🙂 . Now that I mention it, Colin Gillis the program coordinator is coming over today for a site visit, should be fun.

Also, I’m really enjoying my time down at the Youth Center here in Pictou; feels kind of like a family. Of course we’re all insane, but that’s besides the point. I here that they’re going to be painting a mural down there. Can’t wait to go back down there and see what it looks like.

Back to the osteoarthritis thing, I’m also doing the 30 day plank challenge. I’m on day 4 now and I’m up 35 seconds.  although it’s not a big accomplishment, I’m up by 5 seconds. Today I’m going for 40 seconds and higher.

I really can’t think of anything to type, so I’ll just leave this here and see what happens. Kicking myself in the ass for not posting as often as I want to, just been so busy lately.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

-The Ginchu. :3


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