we all have hearts.

So, I find myself thinking of all the horrible things that have been happening in Pictou County as of late. First a young man gets stabbed and is left paralyzed and then someone robs an older gentleman, and now they are in court settling the matter. And to finish it off, and this one is a tragedy in its own words, a young man was in an accident and was immediately killed. The young man who was stabbed twice in the back, and had his throat slashed. Although you would think that the slash to the throat would been bad, but no it wasn’t; it was the two stabs in the back that left him paralyzed. To my knowledge he is still in Halifax recovering. People are saying that this was a hate crime, because Scott is indeed gay. If this was indeed a hate crime, I really wonder what drives people to do something like that? Or was it simply that Scott was in the wrong place at the wrong time, either way it is simply unforgivable. At least that’s my point of view. I’m actually really trying hard not to rant here. I have Facebook, and I see what happens everyday to Human Beings that have a different sexuality than others all over the world. I read the paper, I watch videos that would break your heart.

But, according to CBC News Scott Jones is doing remarkably well. “I talked to him last night and told him I would be here and I asked if he wanted to say anything and he said while this act of violence has happened against him, this horrific thing, he said it’s really hard to focus on that with so much positive energy around him,” she said. Punke told CBC’s Information Morning that her friend is inspired by the “overwhelming” support. ” –CBC News Website

This 27 year old man has been stabbed, lost the use of his legs; and here he is saying that he can’t even focus on what happened with all the positive energy. I have no words that could describe what that does to my heart. To me that’s truly amazing.

How do you deal with something like that and still have a happy outlook on life. The answer came to me after a long time of thinking about it.

A heart. Not like that actual beating heart, but the heart that takes all the pain in life, all the happiness, all the sadness, and makes you feel something; and then makes you react on it.

It’s the one thing I’ve seen a lot of in Pictou County. We have really BIG “hearts”, so much so that when one of ours is hurt, or anybody in the world is hurt, we want to take on that pain, and make it better for that said person.

Now, I’m sure its probably like that in every other community/county/country, etc. But I’m talking about Pictou County here, and we’re talking about the place were rumors never cease, and nosy people never sleep. But there’s always more, am I right? And when Scott Jones got stabbed and lost the use of his legs, we jumped, if not spoke up for him. Someone who you knew, or not know (in my case, I never met Scott Jones) and we did something about it. Instead of making our County the bad place to live, we left it to the person who committed the crime. We are a great County, even though not many people have seen it yet, but it’s there.

Maybe after reading this, you’ll look at it differently, and maybe that will change your way of thinking, just a little bit.

That old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It applies to Pictou County as well.


So I guess I probably got a little off track, but the point is there. And to Scott Jones, hope your feeling better, and I hope that you continue to have such a bright outlook on the world, and the community. 🙂

Have an amazing day.

-The Ginchu. :3


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