Thanksgiving holiday and bouncy balls.

Week 6?!

Holy crap.

That week went by really fast. And now I’m on week 7. To be quiet honest, I don’t have many highlights of last week, because it went by so fast. I do know that I had a day off, so I went to do some errands that needed to be done. Like getting my clothes with my clothing allowance. ugh, Welfare. If your wondering that is.

I do remember vaguely that when I was at the Youth Center last week, I had a close encounter with death, death by bouncy ball.

I was just sitting there, minding my own business, talking to my sister who had come down there to keep my company. And the women from the Roots House came by for a visit. Anyway. Bouncy Ball. One of the guys there was tossing the bouncy ball at the wall, and it was just running wild.  All of a sudden one of the ladies in front of me move out of the way slightly, then I’m coming face to face with a bouncy ball; which just happened to just miss me. Whizzed right by my ear.

You can imagine the absurdities  I was yelling by the end of it, then ultimately laughing along with everyone else, who bore witness to it . Which includes my sister, Dave Porter, and the ladies from Roots House. And said persons who threw the ball in the first place.

Anyone else have one of those chaotic fantabulous Thanksgiving weekends? I did. Family, drama, laughter, fun, stress; all rolled up into one day your supposed to be thankful for.

Albeit, I am thankful for Monday. Because it was so simple and fun. Stressful yet funny. We laughed so hard we cried. And to top it all off, it was Shilohs birthday, mine and my sisters dog we had when we were growing up. She’s 84 now; in dog years, 12 in human.  She was pretty happy when I gave her a sliver of turkey with some gravy on it. She’s our fet happeh. :3

Fat Happy :)







All and all it was a quiet week. Hopefully this week coming up will have more events.. ahaha actually, I KNOW there’s going to be events. 😉 but that can wait.


Have a fantabulous day.


-The Ginchu.:3



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