The world is changing, and so is my life.

Here we are! Week 5, wow, time seems to be just flying by. And I look forward to getting up in the morning, knowing I get to do something that I like, and something productive.

Even though sometimes I get a little sidetracked into writing my stories, I always somehow get myself back on track. Which is good, I don’t want to make anybody mad.

Anyway, so this past weekend was absolutely beautiful, and as I posted in my last post, I went to the Multicultural Fusion Festival. It was a great turn out, and it was my first time going there, and I cannot wait to go again next year. The clothes that were word there were just magnificent, and the food was delicious.

Omnomnom. Image

And I want to take a little moment here to talk about cultures and the people. I brought my grandmother with me to the Fusion Festival, and when we had to leave, I sat in the car with her and we talked about it and how she was so happy she came with me and stayed for it.

Now, here’s the main point I have about this. Gram continued on saying that the people were amazing, and not at all like the media says they are in other parts of the world. I was rather taken aback by this. Not that I was offended by it, but I haven’t watched the news in a very long time. What in Sam hill where they saying on the TV.

I asked her why she said that; and she told me the way the media puts it, people from different parts of the world are all bad people who hurt people, start wars; etc. she continued to say that since that they put that kind of stuff on the media, it kind makes you think that way of them, unless told and seen otherwise.

Then she said. “I feel bad for judging them the way I did when I watch the news. They were all really wonderful and kind at the festival.”

I told her. “I think that’s every ones impression at first, only because the media puts such a bad word on different cultures or just on one person and then that makes them all bad.” Laughing I added, “I’m glad I told you to stay and enjoy it. They are all wonderful people.” I thought to myself later on, that why it is such a big deal that we’re all different. I would really like to know what that first person or persons thought in their heads when they saw someone that was completely different than them.

It just makes my head spin, some people are really stuck in the past, and not looking to the future. The world is changing in good and bad ways, never really constant, but ever changing nonetheless.


Monday and Tuesday I did my usual thing, emailing, researching, laughing… still trying to get a hold of Municipal Recreation Contacts. Finally got Paul, which I ironically found him on Facebook. So we planned on having the interview the next day, on Wednesday, if you weren’t paying attention, and yes this is the same Paul I was talking about awhile back in one of my blogs.

Any hoodle. We chatted for at least an hour, learning about the guy, and was quite honestly surprised at all the things he does. But then again, you don’t really know a person until you talk to them, as you well know.

He plays video games, he cooks, loves working with people, and he does roller derby. Which by the way looks like a lot of fun.

Also when he asked me how things were, and I told him about the blog post I recently put up, and Sally gave me a hug that day after she read it. Apparently Sally is a rainbow dressed up in business clothes. Which, I can agree with. Haha.

Thursday came and gone; highlight, Rae and I scared the ever loving bejesus out of each other. I was just down the road when I was getting some keys copied, and then I went to the dollar store to get a few choice things, and back to work I went. It was lunch time, and as I was walking to the door were Active Pictou County works, I heard the microwave beeping.

Now a normal person would have took that as a sign that you might run into someone who was going for there food. I did not.

As soon as my foot hit the doorway, looking back towards the door, BAM! Near head on collision with Rae; who was going to get her food out of the microwave.

Holy crike. Holy @$%@@.

I wasn’t feeling well in general yesterday, a near heart attack didn’t help. But on a side note, it was pretty funny too.

The only other thing I have to do today (other than working J ) is go down to the Youth Center for an hour.

Thank freakin…who the heck should I thank? Satan. Aha.

Thank Satan its Friday.

Lets see how many people freak out over that.

Looking forward to Season 9 of Supernatural! and let’s not forget Season 4 of The Walking Dead!

Don't Dead, Open Inside?Image

-The Ginchu. :3


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