Oh memory, where art thou

Trying to say something clever here for my weekly blog update. Clever. Hmmm.

Oh well, I might come up with something later on in the blog, ahaha.

Anyway, big news! I have officially moved back into Pictou. The place were drama and rumors never cease! For added convenience I moved into a place where my absolute favorite childhood memory is nearby; Crown Pizza… I just drooled all over the keyboard for a second there. Haha. Crown Pizza is amazing; and I would strongly recommend going there if you’re dropping into Pictou for a visit or just travelling through.

Any who, I moved back to Pictou into one of my grandfather’s apartments, and no it’s not free because I’m his granddaughter, I still have to pay rent like everyone else. Which is completely fair. Der.

I went to the Multicultural Fusion Festival last weekend, for work. This being my first time there, I didn’t know what to expect, but it was absolutely amazing. I mean, I know we have a lot of culture here in Nova Scotia but I never knew how much there really was. I had an awesome time there, I don’t even think I was technically working. Didn’t feel that way, all I did was tell people about Active Pictou County. Gave away free water bottles-

Did you know people love getting free water bottles? I didn’t know that.

Gave away free pamphlets and washable tattoos. Talked about the up and coming Walk Fest. It was really fun. The music was amazing, my grandmother was there and she just adored it. I stayed just long enough to see the fashion show, and knowing myself like I do I had to see this.

For those of you who don’t know, one of my dreams is to visit Egypt. I was VERY excited about this fashion show indeed.

The clothes were, well there really is no words. They were just out of this world. I wish I had clothes like that, it would be super fun to wear, and very stylish too.

It was Rae’s birthday last week?! Holy crikes.

Happy Birthday Rae!

Also Sally asked if I could work on the GPS coordinates for the trails on Highland Connect. Which is no problem for me, I just like keeping my self-busy. J And on top of that I’ve been trying to get a hold of the Municipal Recreation Coordinators. Somewhat of pain in my ass considering only one of them likes to check there emails. Work with me here D: .

Trying to make biographies for you guys, and you’re just all like nope. I will get you yet. You just wait and see.

Also I had a meeting with the infamous Colin Gillis from Sport Nova Scotia, the one who got me working here at Active Pictou County in the first place. He was making sure we haven’t killed each other yet. It was pretty straightforward, did some catching up and talking about upcoming training and such. I came back down to the office in which I was working in and noticed that the laptop I was using was doing an update on itself.

Alright that’s cool. So I let it do its thing. I waited and waited and waited. Oh, and I waited some more. So Rae told me to bring it back down to Lucas Technologies to see if they know what was wrong with it (think back to my first blog post here) . I sat there with Gordon, chit chatting while he looked over the computer, checking the hard drive, memory, etc. There was nothing wrong with anything really, which is why it confused us even more, when it tried to update itself, and nothing was happening. So after an hour, he told me I should leave it here with him. So I went back and told Rae what had happened, she said I could leave, and gave me a few things to do at home on my desktop.

The next day, ho boy. Rae and I were supposed to be heading up to New Glasgow together for a meeting and to map out a route for kids to walk to school on the trail. I was excited to go, because really who knows what I was going to learn there; and then our times got mixed up, and we wound up missing each other by a minute or so. Rae left, I waited down at the office for a half hour until I went home to check my phone. Low and behold there was a text message from Rae, and Jessie explaining that it was sent just as I was turning down the street towards work.

What are the chances? I mean really? But nonetheless I went back to the office and did what Rae asked me to do. Which wasn’t a lot but I figured out ways to keep myself busy.

Then Friday came along, and for some reason I don’t remember Friday… Hmmm, that’s weird. I do know that was one of the days I went to the Youth Center, but I don’t remember anything else. Wow, that’s weird.

Hopefully I’ll stop procrastinating enough to get started on my next weekly blog update. Or getting distracted. Haha

We're all out enjoying the nice weather this weekend.

We’re all out enjoying the nice weather this weekend.

Have a great day everyone.

-The Ginchu. :3


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