Enjoy the little things… and zombies, always zombies

Laughter is the best medicine. Which is really what mostly happened this week at Active Pictou County.

Now just to inform everyone who reads these blogs, my days are all mixed together this week. So I apologize in advance if everything is all jumbled up. Because on top of working here at Active Pictou County, I started opening up the Youth Center here in Pictou, and still planning the Walk fest event; I started writing a story again. To be honest, I’d say I’m on a role, I’ve been working on it bit by bit over the past few days. It’s not posted anywhere yet, heck I’m not even done writing the first chapter.

But I’m proud of myself for the fact that I’m even writing again, since most of the time I usually give up on after a few hundred words. Sounds like a lot I know but really in my mind, it isn’t.

So… I started opening the Youth Center here in Pictou every Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Believe it or not, I never been in that building before in my life. I’ve only ever heard of it, and that it closed down a couple years ago, and I guess some people were upset about it. So, Dave Porter came back to Pictou County and reopened it for the kids of Pictou; and after seeing the place and the effect it had on the kids that go there every day. I knew it was the right thing to do. Because when you look at it from a kids’ point of view, it’s a place that you can go hang out with your friends, get away from school issues or whatever issues that might be troubling the minds of the youth. HA. I’m one to talk, technically still a youth and now an adult. Right SMACK in the middle. But I digress. Another point of view that maybe some haven’t considered, is that the parents might be happier that their children are out and about in a safe haven after school socializing, and getting exercise.

Which brings up a similar point to the one I’m making right now. Most kids nowadays are going about their day at school, take the bus home or walk home, they walk through that front door; and head straight to the TV. Now, I said most, not all. Keep your shirt on. Now when I was a kid, I got home from school off the bus (which by the way is an hour or more drive) got inside, ate my supper that was ready and waiting for me, and headed OUTSIDE. My sister and I loved going outside, especially if we had friends over, or playing silly games; our most favorite was seeing who could run the fastest around our house. I don’t think we actually decided on a winner, it was just pure fun to run around the house for no real reason. I miss stuff like that, when you went outside for the pure fun of it. There’s so many things to do outside, we just don’t seem to notice anymore.

I could think of a million reasons why we should go outside, but I’ll try to sum it up in one.

It’s good for you, heck it’s great for you! Honestly it’s the best thing for anybody. Why, you ask? Cause it helps keep you healthy!

Hold on, I got to go make some tea…

OK I’m back.

Now where was I?

…Ah, I was going to explain the zombies title- ish thing. Sally, Rae and I were talking about things we could do for the Walk Fest. While Rae was thinking of maybe having a nice surprise somewhere down the trail where people were walking; like some relaxing music, or something fun; which by the way some people would probably go for, but again I digress. Sally and I, however were on a completely different page. Zombies. Is what I’m trying to say to you. That was the brilliant idea. Just zombies.

Picture this:

You’re walking your dog down one of the many Pictou County trails. You’re just on your merry way; the dog pulling ahead, trying to sniff everything they possibly can; you’re just in your own little world. Having a peaceful walk on the trails. Then weirdly enough, the dog stops pulling, and is trying to get your attention. The fur on the back of the dogs’ neck is starting to rise. You wonder what could possibly be the cause of this sudden change of attitude.

A twig snaps. Your head whips around to the sound. A flurry of branches and leaves rustling soon after the first snap. You continue on your way. Wary of your surroundings, picking up the pace; trying to calm your now pounding heart. There’s cold sweat starting to accumulate on your brow. Suddenly there’s a loud crashing noise, followed by loud moans, you turn around; mother of pearl, there’s zombies. You peel your eyes away from them, turn your heel, and run like you never have before. The dog starts barking, and tries to make you run faster. Your hearts pounding so hard it hurts, your breath is coming out in ragged breathes. Gasping for air as you run, fearful of your life and your dog. You turn around, only to whip your head back, and push your legs harder, because the zombies were gaining. The leash for your dog comes lose, and it takes off ahead of you, not seeing the slightly bigger rock on the trail you trip and fall. You panic, turning around, seeing the zombies are still coming at you, you start kicking yourself backwards. In an awkward backwards crab walk, you try to scramble to your feet, then you hit something against your back. Realizing you were trapped, you closed your eyes, waiting for the zombies to come and chow down on you. Waiting, and more waiting, nothing was happening. You peeked open your eyes, to see the zombies just standing there. Then they spoke.

“Hope you enjoyed this part of Pictou Countys Walk Fest!”

Hahahahahaha. See? Brilliant. Idea. Who wouldn’t want that to happen to them? 😀

What could go wrong? Now after seeing this, Rae will probably be even more against it. Haha.

Anyway besides that, I can’t think of anything else for this weekly update blog. Come back soon to hear what fun stuff I’ll have in store for you next week.

Yours truly,

-The Ginchu. :3


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