Go Mountain Biking

I really like this blog, and I love the fact that it has to do with biking. So awesome ! 🙂

Project Light to Life



When I was in sixth grade, I used to love riding my bike with no hands, while zipping around the blocks with my neighbors. Yet, one time, I let my bike get too close to the curb, the bike awkwardly twisted, and I fell off onto the pavement. I had to get twelve stitches, and, of course, that night was the night of the dance recital I had been preparing for, for months. With the doctor’s okay, I still danced, since the skit was only two minutes, and the ACE bandage matched my tights pretty well.

I still remember how kind the neighbor was who helped me clean my cut, after watching me fall, from her stoop, along with the friends who were there at the time and made me get well cards after I got back from the hospital.

After this experience, I stayed off bikes for quite…

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