Meeting New People & Friday the 13th

Hey there everyone,

Which is probably not a lot of people…yet. Muahahahaha.

Anyway this is my weekly update on working with Active Pictou County. I met a lot of interesting people, which have a lot of interesting personalities. Each of them very unique in their own way… I’ll get back to this…

SO, Monday was a busy day in its own way, Rae gave me a list of things to, such as researching dates for events, emailing people for the Walk Fest in October; for instance the Terry Fox Run is this Sunday at the Hector Heritage Quay Marina. If you don’t know what the Terry Fox Run is, I suggest you click this link and get some sweet and heartwarming information that is The Terry Fox Run and what it does for cancer research. . Also coming up is the Pictou County Run for the Cure for Juvenile Diabetes. There’s a mouthful. Ha-ha. Registration is on the same day as the run, which is on Sunday 29th, 2013 at 8:00am, and the run itself starts at 9:30. So I hope you all try to donate some to this wonderful cause, because while I might not be diabetic, I know a lot of people who are; it’s a hard struggle with daily life when you have diabetes. Having to have a strict diet, exercise, check your blood sugar regularly, and if you have type 1 diabetes; you always have to inject yourself with insulin. (If any of this information is wrong in any way, please let me know. Cause I only know so much about the topic). So just take a second to imagine what a child would go through with diabetes. Not saying they would be extremely restricted, but it’s something children shouldn’t have to worry about when they’re that young.

Do you know how annoying it is to search for reflective stickers? Holy cr-… crikes.  ‘:D

It’s annoying because every hardware store and store that you would normally assume would have them; doesn’t have them… what the f***. (I do swear, normally; but I don’t think I should swear in this blog… it feels unprofessional of me). So Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, and Home Depot; get some reflective lights for walkers and bikers to wear, seriously, it’s a necessity. Just saying.

Back to the unique people I was talking about at the first of this blog.  On Tuesday, I went to a meeting in New Glasgow’s Town Hall, for the Trails in Pictou County; basically the TCT. Which I have figured out means Trans Canada Trails. Ha-HA! I is SMRT! Now I’m just going to put this out there, but I am going to assume everyone has heard of the TransCanada Trail. If not, I will post a link later on.

Goodness, I’m getting sidetracked. BACK to the unique and awesome people. At the meeting I met quite a few new people. Some of them, sadly I don’t remember some names very well, but here goes; there was Garret (?), Norma, Jeffery, Susan, Paul, Sally and Rae; and near the end Michelle and Martin showed up for the rest of the meeting; as well as Mark. Which I wish I knew where he was coming from so I could tell you but I don’t remember.

As you could probably tell there was some folk there that I already knew and met, such as Rae and Sally from Active Pictou County, since I’m working with and all. I met Paul Corbin before as well, when I was first interviewed to see who would want an incredible weirdo like me. First impressions last by the way, Paul. While Rae was nice to me, and explained things to me on my first day of work after 3 weeks of training and 1 week of mostly sleeping. It went really well and it still is. But as Paul said to me at that interview, he would have “Thrown me to the wolves”. If I was any less of the person I am, I would have been extremely offended. But since I have a dark sense of humor some days, I thought it was pretty funny; and I’m just good natured…and in a good mood. 😀

Watch out for the Zombie Apocalypse! Someone might get tripped 🙂

Although all of the other people I met are fabulous people; like Sally, extremely outgoing; and really kind to others. You’d be lucky to have her as a friend; and Rae is an awesome mentor, honestly I haven’t found a thing that I don’t like about this job. Except maybe calling strangers, but I can overcome it.

There was one person that stood out, and if you met Martin Bates, then you would understand; correction if you met Martin Bates and watch the Walking Dead. You would definitely see it. He looks and sounds just like Merle Dixon from The Walking Dead. I mean come on, how awesome is that? It made my day!

Merle Dixon

Merle Dixon

I confirmed my theory when Rae and I went to a Social Media Class the next day, and he was sitting at our table along with Robyn. In my head I was like “holy crikes, he sounds and looks like Merle Dixon. Oh my god!” While on the outside, I was like “Hi.”

That was a terrible comparison but you get the idea.

The Social Media class was taught to us by Jeff Brown, which helped me a lot. I can know put links in my blog posts, emails, signatures. I was pretty excited. I never had a signature on my email until after I went to that class. So thank you Jeff! You’re an awesome teacher.

Tuesday and today, as you can see I’ve been working on my blog, and making a YouTube channel for Active Pictou County. Also if you happen by Pictou County in October please stop by for our Walk Fest events. I guarantee they will be a blast.

Also as today is so blatantly obvious, it is Friday the 13th. One of my favorite times of the year; because you either get to see extremely superstitious people freak out at the sight of my black cat, or hear how what a bad day it is. Honestly, it’s like any other day; it just feels special to some people… like me! Only because I was born on the 3rd month of the 13th day in 1993, and did I mention it was on a Friday? So 13 and 3 are favorite numbers of mine.

So really people, don’t worry nothing is going to happen to you, unless you believe it’s going to happen. If you don’t believe in bad luck, you won’t have bad luck, savvy?

At least that’s how I go about my days, I make my own “luck” and make my own kind of day; and I’ll ask you to take my advice on this. A lot of people have bad days if they believe that one bad thing happens to them, the rest of the day is going to be bad. I used to think like that in high school. But then I just gave up on being negative, and starting trying to make myself happier; and yes it takes a while to get out of thinking that way, but anyone can do it.

So everyone have a wonderful Friday the 13th. I know I will. It’s dark and mysterious and full of wonder. Go on an adventure today, you never know.

Happy Friday the 13th !

Happy Friday the 13th !

-The Ginchu. :3


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