Netflix? Yarp’s and Narp’s.

To start of this post I’d like to say that I love Netflix sometimes, and at other times; I absolutely despise it.  Should I start with a do’s and don’ts list? Yes and No’s? Maybe a Yarp and a Narp list?


  • Canadian Netflix has The Walking Dead. Bones. ANIME.
  • It does get good movies on their from time to time.
  • It’s not American Netflix.
  • Provides you with something to do on that really raining, storming; basically  impossible weather to walk in time of day.


  • It does not have Supernatural on it. (American Version, yes… yes it does)
  • It’s not American. (Ha!)
  • It also gives you something to do on those days when it’s beautiful outside and to be blunt; you probably should be outside.
  • There’s those really odd movies from time to time that you wonder what they’re doing on Netflix in the first place.

I would provide more information on this but; it really could go on and on and on…and on.  🙂

Back to the point, I’m making more blog’s because really, it’s kind of boring to just make one blog post per week. So I’ll have little ones and event news about Active Pictou County; and what’s going on out there.

Today I was mostly emailing people back and forth, helping to get Walk Fest 2013 ready for October! Honestly it sounds really fun. I’m taking my little girl Sheba out and meet some people when October 6th hits; mostly because I’ll be tempted to have seconds of turkey dinner and whole lot of gravy around that time.

My baby Sheba :)

My baby Sheba 🙂

Also to all of you that don’t know. The Terry Fox Run in Pictou will be held on September 15th, 2013 down at the Hector Heritage Quay Marina! It’s free and it’s for a great cause. Come bike, walk or run on the Jitney Trail with many others. Be weather prepared!

The cold weather starting to hit us bad. The only reason I say that, is because I was a kid who did stuff that people should not normally do; and that’s skip school and impale yourself on a stick, because you didn’t realized the distance of the place you were about to jump and tripped and fell on your face. Ergo stick in knee. Got 5 stitches, the doctor said I was lucky, cause any deeper; it would have hit the main artery on the left side of your knee.

Now I have a scar to tell stories with, and start hating winters with. How about that.

By the way, this happened years ago now.

– The Ginchu. :3


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