Never a Dull Moment


So I recently started working at Active Pictou County, and I must say my first two days here have been quite busy and in my opinion quite crazy. But nonetheless I’m actually having fun here.

My first day was supposed to be on September 3rd in Pictou, but things got mixed up so my mentor Rae Gunn sent me a list of things to research about Active Pictou County and what it has to offer. I spent hours looking at everything she told me to look at, to say I was surprised is an understatement. There are so many events and new things to try out, and no one seems to want to try, or maybe haven’t heard. Which really sucks, because some of the events that they organize seem so fun, and you get to go outside and enjoy the fresh air; and if it starts raining (like it has been for the past few days), well we live in Pictou County. We’re prepared for anything.

After scouring through Active Pictou County’s website, I moved on to Highland Connects website; and my initial reaction to this site is as follows.

Have I been living under a rock for 20 years?

I mean, really? Holy Crikey.

I searched their database for ‘Pictou County’, and I got 460 hits on every place in Pictou County that gives you physical activity, sport and recreation activities, programs and facilities. I mean, wow! Wow, and people say there’s nothing to do in this county! It’s absolutely amazing.

Please check it out. If you and the family are trying to find something to do in your spare time, or just for fun. This is the place to look for it.

My second day at work. Rae and I headed up to Halifax for a meeting, which I knew nothing about… at all… not even a little bit… You see were this is going right? All I know about it was that it was about Active Transportation, and I’m not even going to try to explain what that meeting was really about, because I might just confuse you more than anything. I didn’t even get the jist of the jist of it, but that’s okay; because apparently they wanted me confused. I hope I didn’t confuse you with that last sentence or so.

Also if you’re wondering what Active Transportation is, it’s walking or running, biking, skateboarding, to work or school, alternative means of transportation or doing more of the activities listed when you’re at said work or school.

My “second” day of work, which is September 5, 2013. I had a lot of running around to do. By running I mean walking and by around I mean back and forth between Lucas Technologies & Analytics and Town Hall / Active Pictou County. They were fixing up, or checking over the laptop I was going to be using for these next 6 months. I got there, picked it up, walked back to work, and opened it up; pressed the power button, and nothing. I called them up and asked if they had the charger for the laptop, apparently it was not sent with the laptop. Crikes. So I asked them if they had one that I could borrow for the day. Thankfully they did. So I walked back up, not knowing that they called back and told me to bring the computer back with me so they could figure out which charger to give me. I got there and they regretfully told me that they need the laptop, and if I could go get it. Off I go again to get the laptop. I got there, and thankfully (again!), Sally was nice enough to give me a drive back there to get the charger, and a drive back to work again. Phew! I was freaking out a little, because most of the work I needed to do that day was going to be on the computer.

The last day of work, good god I was sleepy today. Although, as my title says so “Never a Dull Moment”; turns out Rae, Sally and I were all wearing a black sweaters. Did I find this amusing? Yes. Just a tad creepy that we’re all wearing similar articles of clothing? Yes. Am I still tired? Hell yes.

This blog is going to be me mostly talking about how my work placement is, and hopefully to tell as many people as I can about Active Pictou County and what they do here.

Also keep an eye out for our annual Walkfest coming in October! And many more events to come!

-The Ginchu. :3


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